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6 Ways to Improve your Graduate Recruitment Drive


As employers begin to look towards this year’s graduate intake, here’s our advice for how to improve your hiring success:-

Take a look at your brand : The impact of a poorly thought out strategy was demonstrated by sandwich shop chain Pret A Manger last week. After expressing concern about the problems Brexit would cause its hiring teams, it announced its ‘Big Work Experience Week’, intended to hire 500 teenagers for a week of work experience. A reference to ‘paying them in sandwiches’ led to a widespread social media backlash and threats to boycott the chain. Don’t underestimate the effect a careless remark or badly worded job advert might have on your recruitment efforts.

Move beyond the same talent pool : New data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests that unemployment among graduates in London is highest among young black men. The BBC reported that of approximately 1800 graduates recruited by 11 of London’s top graduate employers in 2016, only 30 were black males. Their unemployment rate stands at 18% compared to 10% for white male graduates. Barclays employed the highest percentage (9 out of 320) while the NHS Leadership Academy recorded none.