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60 to 70% of Corporate Leaders Fail in Business Thanks to Certain Personality Traits


Sixty to seventy per cent of corporate leaders will derail or fail in business due to particular personality traits, according to Dr Robert Hogan; founder of Hogan Assessments, the global leader in personality assessments and leadership development.

With S&P forecasting that approximately 50% of the S&P 500 will be replaced over the next 10 years, the destructive nature of leaders is one factor that can have a severe impact on an organisation’s ability to survive.

To explore the consequences of business leaders who operate using ‘dark side’ personality traits – a term coined by Dr Hogan – Advanced People Strategies is holding a one day seminar with Dr Hogan in London on 11th October. The seminar will teach senior managers and HR professionals how to identify leaders who pose a threat to their organisation and the ways in which they can handle a ‘dark side’ leadership situation.

With increased business complexity, commercial transparency and constant communication, the course will give attendees insight into the real qualities needed of a leader today. The new breed of leader must be supremely mentally agile, able to cope with constant ambiguity and adapt to disruptive technologies if they and their organisation are to survive.

“Leadership and dark side traits are two sides of personality. The bright side of personality concerns one’s public reputations – it is the stereotypical ways in which leaders act on a day-to-day basis… Dark side personality traits are irritating, counterproductive behaviours that interfere with a leader’s ability to build cohesive, goal orientated teams… Given the complexity of most leadership positions these days, there seems to be plenty of opportunity for these dark side traits to appear”

An extract from ‘The Wit and Wisdom of Bob Hogan’.

Joining Dr Robert Hogan are; Professor Adrian Furnham, director of the Applied Psychology Unit at the University College London; Annemie Ress, founder of PurpleBeach; and Dr Darin Nei, senior consultant with Hogan Assessments Global Alliances Team.

Professor Adrian Furnham said;

“Derailed leaders cause mayhem in the workplace – sometimes causing whole companies to collapse. They often fail to pay attention to the needs and expectations of followers and key relationships. Some are insecure, others arrogant but the result is much the same.”


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