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7 Benefits Of Employing Millennials


Millennials are often portrayed as being lazy, difficult to manage, and incredibly demanding. From a recruitment perspective, they can be demanding. Research suggests that they are less concerned with titles than they are with culture, and they are not generally that concerned if they fail at something. However, they also have many positive attributes that might be lacking from a workforce that does not incorporate them.

1 – They Are Tech Savvy

It may be clichéd, but there is a reason that we tend to turn to the younger generation for help with technology; they get it. Millennials not only know how to use computers and mobile phones, but they can probably teach the IT and communications departments of a lot of major organisations how to get the most out of them.

If your company is looking for ways to integrate technology into its business processes, and to find ways that it can use technology to increase revenue and profits, then you could do a lot worse than looking to millennials for the answers. Even those that are educated in other fields will know how to use the technology at their disposal and, failing that, they will certainly know how to use Google and YouTube to find out.

2 – They Network In Their Sleep

One of the criticisms that is often levelled at the current generation is that they are never off their phone. They message, Tweet, share, like, and they call friends and connections all day, every day. When you’re trying to sit down and eat dinner, this can be annoying. When you want to develop a network, whether it is for marketing purposes or to promote your brand, it is incredibly advantageous.

3 – They Are Innovative

Millennials are spontaneous and they are innovative. They see things differently to older generations, and this is especially true in a new working environment. By employing somebody fresh out of university, you are not just gaining access to a fresh pair of eyes, you are gaining access to a young pair of eyes. They may be able to identify problems, find unique ways to combat that problem, and they will be determined to prove themselves right.

4 – Millennials Think Outside The Box

Not only are they innovative, but the next generation of CEOs and business owners are not afraid to indulge in leftfield thinking. Most are not yet even aware of what the safe option is, and even if they are, they are not afraid to completely ignore it in favour of something more unique.

Lateral thinking offers another weapon for your business, when you are trying to identify opportunities. Your new hires could find new marketing possibilities, come up with ideas for new products, and they don’t just have to work in the creative or research and development departments in order to do this. After all, millennials don’t know their boundaries yet, so wherever they see a possibility, they will run with it.

5 – Millennials Are Energetic

After 30 years of working for the same company or working the same role, some employees can run on auto pilot. It is easy to go into work, complete the same tasks every day, and go home to prepare for the next day. Younger employees will be less inclined to do this. They have spent late nights finishing dissertations and essays, and they are still filled with youthful exuberance.

You can make the most of this energy by employing millennials in your company. As long as they see benefit from it, they will work longer hours and they will consider things like checking emails at night to be a part of everyday life, rather than a chore reserved solely for the workplace.

6 – They Can, And Often Will, Lead

We tend to think of leaders as being those that have held a certain position for the longest. However, we should consider leaders to be those that have the most desirable leadership traits. Energy, innovation, and a lack of fear to fail, are ideal attributes for a team leader or manager, and these are all attributes that are evident in the younger generation of workers.

The majority of millennials believe that they will, at some point, run their own business or work in a less conventional position where they will lead. Give them the opportunity to lead now, and you could nurture a future talent.

7 – They Truly Understand Social Media

Most aspects of social media can be taught. It is possible to learn how to optimise profiles. You can analyse when the best time to post updates is, and you can master English to the extent that you can write compelling and effective content.

Millennials do not need this extra training. They have a deep understanding of social media, because they have been brought up on it.

They have used sites like Facebook to nurture relationships. They have shared Tweets and Instagram photos, and they know how to ensure that they get the most shares, the most Retweets, and the most engagement from other users.

They don’t even necessarily consider this to be a skill, but if you have a company filled with social media skilled employees, then you will benefit right across the board.

They can even help with future recruitment, because they are the most likely generation to share positive reviews of our company as a place to work, and because they network so effectively with one another.

8 – They Can Adapt

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, or so goes the saying. If you need somebody to fill in for maternity leave or while an employee goes on holiday, then millennials are ideal. They learn quickly and are usually smart enough that they can get to grips with the skills that they need in very little time.

When employing millennials, there may be some bumps ahead. In particular, you may have to adapt your perks packages so that they are more appealing to this generation, and you may need to throw the rule book away when it comes to determining what potential candidates are looking for in a position, but if you take the time and effort, you could be justly rewarded with an innovative team of energetic and enthusiastic employees that are not afraid to think outside the box in order to get the desired results. is an IT recruitment consultancy. They can help find the best candidates for your IT positions, whether you are specifically looking to recruit innovative millennials or experienced employees.


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