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7 Common LinkedIn Mistakes for Recruiters to Avoid


There’s no denying the power of LinkedIn. With 414 million users across 200 countries and territories, the career-oriented social network is a valuable tool in every recruiter’s arsenal. But it can also be a minefield filled with faux pas waiting to be made. With a few wrong moves, you can easily turn off talent. We spoke with talent acquisition professionals about some of the most common LinkedIn mistakes to avoid.

1. Not Taking the Time to Send Personalized Messages

Among a certain subset of recruiters, LinkedIn has become a place to reach 100 prospective candidates at a time in an instant with a single, canned message. Sure, you can reach a lot of people quickly, but what you gain in speed you lose in effectiveness. “Bulk, templated messages show recruiters have done absolutely no research or made any effort to connect with the individual,” says John Fleischauer, global talent acquisition manager at Halogen Software.

By the same token, a personalized message can go a long way. “Considering the volume of spam that most recruiters send out via LinkedIn, personalized messages work almost all the time,” says Fleischauer. “My rule of thumb is, the best way to get anyone’s attention is to personalize your approach. For example, mention what you found online or through social media in the subject line of your message such as “You’re a big fan of Superman,” “You like wine,” or “How was your recent trip to Australia?” The point is that you, as a recruiter, are showing the candidate that you know something about them other than what might match in a keyword search for a job description.”