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7 Habits of Highly Successful Hiring Teams


The number of qualified applicants to your job posts is falling, your job offer to acceptance ratio has seen better days and your new hires are barely scraping their probation period. Adopt these habits of successful hiring teams and retrieve your talent acquisition strategy while there’s still time:-

Understand why you made a bad hire : From a painful application process to repeatedly recruiting from the same talent pool, effective recruiters quickly analyse and understand the reasons for a bad hire. Don’t allow early departures among your new employees to become an epidemic in your business. The most successful hiring teams move swiftly to plug the leaks in their talent pipeline by analysing their recruitment data and understanding where their best hires come from (hint – ideally your employee referrals).

Offer candidate feedback : Providing post interview feedback to your candidates enhances your employer brand but 80% of businesses fail to incorporate this important step into their talent acquisition strategy. Ensure your feedback is objective, aligned to the skills of the job description and provides specific, examples of interview responses that your candidates can work on in their job search. Allocate responsibility to one member of your hiring team to ensure uniformity in your response. The most successful hiring teams also understand that feedback should be mutual and ask for it too. Be prepared to act on those responses.