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7 Lessons I’ve Learnt in 15 Years of Recruitment


I’ve been in recruitment a long time, not as long as Roy Ripper or Greg Savage mind but long enough to have to set up a boolean search on our database at the start of lunch knowing the search results would be ready to use by the time I got back.

Here’s seven lessons I’ve learnt in 15 years of recruitment that might help you.

Build long term relationships with your clients and candidates.

Sounds simple but many people look for a quick buck and a short term win. Focus on building long term relationships and delivery value to your clients and candidates.

Follow the 30 steps of recruitment

Great results come from following a great process. If you follow every step you’ll have the greatest chance of success. Check out Tony Brynes classic 30 steps in the recruiting process video.



Roy Ripper is one of the most charismatic and widely-followed trainers in the worldwide recruitment industry.

For more than 25 years his passion has been helping recruiters take their careers and businesses to another level by inspiring personal & business growth, success and achievement.

Roy’s core techniques for success as a recruiter and his strategies for creating business growth come from his own professional experience and his work with some of the leading names in the industry.

Roy began his career as a consultant specialising in selling client-paid recruitment advertising. Three years later he went on to set up a specialist executive search company with James Caan (CEO of UK private equity company Hamilton Bradshaw and ‘Dragon’ from the BBC’s popular Dragon’s Den series) working on a 100% retained basis. He then undertook a recruitment training apprenticeship with the legendary Tony Byrne and later worked alongside Ann Swain (now CEO of APSCo) at Learning Curve. Roy was then approached to set up the executive search division (100% retained basis) of Corporate Services Group, a £350million turnover plc. After successfully growing the business from 0 to 25 revenue producing consultants and a £2million profit within 2 years, he made the move to full time training and consultancy.

Roy Ripper has since helped more than 47,500 recruiters from more than 35 countries transform their careers and businesses through his books, podcasts, DVDs, online training products, live events and personal coaching. He’s been fortunate to work with some of the largest and most successful businesses in the worldwide recruitment industry, but holds a special affinity with small business owners. Roy is regularly invited to contribute to trade journals and speak around the world.


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