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7 Powerful HR Strategies to Address the Performance Management Gap


A growing number of businesses are following the lead of global brands. such as Google, Accenture and Deloitte, by abandoning the performance review in favour of more regular feedback. Problems arise when HR ceases to have contact of any kind with its staff, which is the very real experience of UK workers.

Less than half of all employees had any involvement with HR representatives within the last 12 months, according to YouGov. If your business is ditching the annual performance review – or has yet to implement a strategy of any type – the gap it leaves must be filled with a system that works.

The following steps will help to address the gap left by companies that abandon the performance review or fail to implement a performance management strategy:-

Carry out regular check-ins : Follow the example of Adobe which cut voluntary turnover levels by 30% after ditching performance reviews in favour of a ‘check-in’ programme. Set up regular meetings to coach your people, provide assistance with performance improvement and offer advice and guidance on their ongoing career development and growth. This type of feedback is more relevant to employees than an annual appraisal.