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7 Things About Recruitment Software your Boss Wants to Know


For HR professionals frustrated by their daily battle with manual recruiting systems, never ending e-mails and missing CVs, recruitment software is your solution. The problem is that you’ve yet to convince your boss of the value of HR technology.

To prevent the skills gap in your business from becoming a chasm, here’s exactly what your boss needs to know about the benefits of recruitment software:-

It frees you from e-mail oblivion

UK businesses lose £1.5 billion a year to time spent on e-mails. Up to half of the average UK worker’s time is spent on e-mail yet only 14% of those messages are essential to work activity[1]. Eliminating the need to manually type out countless candidate e-mails will free up time to spend on the things that matter to HR, such as rebuilding trust in the workforce. Sophisticated recruitment software automates and personalises e-mails to update and engage with the talent waiting in your pipeline.