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7 Trends to Disrupt your Employer Brand


Digital transformation is without a doubt a major challenge for companies today. 88% of leaders stated in 2014 that it was an absolute priority for their company’s organization. But many companies still today do not have a Digital department, and digital strategy is often only carried out through IT or in the R&D departments. Yet, human resources play a crucial role in a company’s digital transformation. According to the Altimeter Institute and Brian Solis, 4 out of 8 major challenges in digital transformation are directly linked to HR.

Achieving a full ‘digital transformation’ requires an evolution in company culture, collaboration amongst teams, using the right resources, and guaranteeing support from top management. From recruitment to employee advocates, “employer branding” has taken on a whole new meaning with a company’s adaptation to the digital world. That is why last year, TBWA\Corporate launched “People Empowerment,” an offer aimed at providing companies with the power to disrupt their employer branding through human resources. From internships to training, recruitment, evaluations and collaboration methods, the offer accompanies companies in their employer branding as well as through every step of an employee’s life in their company. TBWA\Corporate has just released an updated version of their study, “SEVEN TRENDS TO DISRUPT EMPLOYER BRANDING,” a slideshare presentation you can view in full on the link below…