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The 8 Most Common Challenges Facing UK In-House Recruiters


In the last 18 months, we have surveyed hiring managers and recruiters from over 2000 companies in the UK – Asking each of them to highlight their biggest recruitment pains and challenges…And the results are in!

In descending order, here are the 8 most common recruitment challenges currently faced! According to you the in-house recruiter community.

(1= the most common challenge)

  1. Struggle to fill certain roles (i.e. – skills shortages / Competition / Geography etc).
  2. Not enough quality applications
  3. Pressure to reduce recruitment costs (mostly around agency spend)
  4. Recruitment/HR system not effective / Not fit for purpose (Usually ATS or HR recruitment plugins / modules)
  5. No recruitment system / No defined or Common processes
  6. Time pressures (Too much admin time / too many unsuitable applicants etc)
  7. Budget constraints / not able to offer competitive salaries / No media budgets
  8. Attrition levels too high / People leaving in the first year of employment.

If you can relate to the challenges raised above, you might be interested to hear that we’re re-running a set of 4 powerful key-topic webinars, aiming to tackle some of these issues.

Expert Tactics for improving your Talent Attraction:

  • Insights into where to source the best applicants from
  • How to take advantage of free advertising channels and aggregation services
  • How to use social media more effectively when sourcing

How to generate better results from your online advertising:

  • How to write content that inspires candidates to apply
  • Examples of great adverts that work
  • How to use keyword density and optimisation to enhance your job advert
  • How to ensure you create a job advert and not a job spec

Research that will change the way that you recruit online:

  • Key reasons why job adverts don’t get found by candidates
  • Why candidates don’t hit the apply button
  • Why candidates lose interest during the recruitment process

Insights to Online Recruiting Technology for HR:

  • Tools and services that will actually help you get better value for money from your advertising budget
  • How technology can dramatically reduce wasted time in the recruitment process
  • How different technologies can work together to create best in class solution

Join Mark Stephens at Tony Restell for this insightful series of non-advertorial webinars on some of the industry’s hottest topics.


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