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8 Tips For Your Talent Acquisition Strategy in 2017


The jobs market is still in a state of flux as employers wait to hear how Brexit will affect their hiring plans in 2017. Our eight tips will help to take your talent acquisition strategy into the new year:-

Focus on internal talent

Reed’s latest Job Index echoes REC’s October report recording a 6.7% increase in jobs and applications year-on-year. Job markets across the country (with the exception of Scotland and East Anglia) are up and competition is strong. As well as creating a consistent source of external talent, employers will need to focus on existing employees to address the skills gap. HR analytics will identify the people within your current workforce who may meet the requirements of your next vacancy.

Prepare for flexible or remote working

Your company’s location affects your ability to attract qualified candidates. In certain regions, explosive growth means there aren’t enough skilled people to fill open jobs. Reed recorded the strongest jobs growth in the West Midlands. Birmingham itself is expected to create 100,000 jobs in the city by 2030, with an additional 250,000 across the region.