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8 Ways to Reduce your Candidates Drop off Rates


Candidate availability in the UK is at its lowest level for 16 months, that’s according to REC’s latest monthly report, prompting calls for employers to rethink how they source and train employees. Engineering, tech and computing roles remain in high demand placing the pressure on HR to create a streamlined, effective candidate experience to prevent talent leaving your pipeline. Data driven recruitment helps you to achieve that. Here’s how:-

Track your application time : A lengthy application process may result in you losing 90% of your qualified candidates. Offer applicants the opportunity to upload their CV, submit their LinkedIn profile or register their interest in ongoing job openings with your company. If you don’t know your average application time, now is the time to start measuring it. One third of job seekers won’t spend more than 15 minutes on an application. It should also be a given that your application process is fully mobile.