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9 Employee Retention Statistics that will Make you Sit Up and Pay Attention


Retention in the workplace is in a predicament — the revolving door is circulating faster, and the organizations struggling with this are on the lookout for a solution. They want to keep employees long after they’ve been hired and maintain high levels of productivity, but to do so, they need to examine some of the causes of poor retention.

Insights into the state of retention today.

Let’s look at some statistics to keep in mind as you look to solve your retention concerns.

  1. Some 73 percent of organizations revamp their onboarding to improve their employee retention. It’s not the only reason companies update onboarding, but it’s an important one that should clue you into how important retention is at most companies. This is the time in which new hires connect with the company, so improving the correlation between their work and the organizational values will help boost employee longevity.
  2. One third of new hires quit their job after about six (6) months. During the early stages of your employees’ careers, it’s critical to outline milestones for your new hires to accomplish. Without these goals to help attentively cultivate new employees, it’s easy for them to become under-challenged or overwhelmed. Both situations create an unnecessarily heavy burden on your recruiters and your employees.