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9 Things Your Competition Can Teach you about Talent Acquisition


The war for talent, skills shortages and jobs growth are topics which dominate recruitment headlines on a weekly basis, piling more pressure on struggling HR functions. For those in need of inspiration, you may discover it in the unlikely source of your competition. Look a little closer at the most successful for positive lessons about talent acquisition like the nine below:-

They carry out background checks on every  prospective employee : 42% of UK companies fail to carry out background checks on prospective hires, according to a new report,Background Screening Trends and Best Practices Report 2016. This fundamental gap in your talent acquisition strategy exposes your business to theft and fraud – but that’s not all. Of greater concern is that only around half of employers carry out checks on contract and temporary workers and only 38% check a potential employee’s right to work in the UK. Even a ‘temporary’ bad hire impacts the bottom line, productivity and team morale. Don’t use ‘s/he seems like a great person’ as a reason to skip this vital step. Invest in recruitment software that automates essential checks to reduce your risk of a bad hire.