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9 Ways a Recruitment Startup can Deliver Exceptional Candidate


As a startup you want to take all the precautions to ensure that your candidate not only has a positive experience but has such a good experience that they are willing to recommend you to others; having the correct image and reputation are essential to success. The following list of qualities provided by QX Recruitment Services for our Recruitment Start-up Centre.will help you to ensure that candidates will be satisfied and happy with their experience.

  1. Comprehensive information:  When contacting the candidate about a new role, ensure they are given a comprehensive job description about the role, type of company, culture, etc.  Asking if they need any further information is a good way to open the dialogue rather than just assuming what you have sent it all they need.
  2. Give breathing space:  When having a discussion about the position, let them speak.  It is poor practice for the recruiter to dictate the dialog; permit the candidate to discuss their experience and why they think they fit the role.  This is an important part of the process and helps to develop the relationship.



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