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What Can we do to Close the Skills Gap?


After a business survey revealed that skills shortages were more of a worry than the Greek crisis and the future of the EU, Penny Strutton, a performance and careers coach from Carlton, looks at what employers and staff can do.

Enter the global skills gap.

Nothing new, the lack of specialist skills has been recognised as a global economic threat for some years now. But while ‘global’ suggests that the problem is out there, across the shores – certainly far away from Nottingham – this would be wrong.

Businesses right here in Nottingham are being affected by the shortage of key skills just as significantly as those around the world. That means that Nottingham’s potential for economic prosperity is threatened unless we collectively take up arms to overcome it. In an age where change is constant, businesses and job seekers young and old need to rethink their approach to employment.

Outdated business culture, old-fashioned learning styles, and archaic job-seeking methods have to be shaken up to deliver what our world today requires.

The skills gap – defined as the difference between the needs of employers and the skills possessed by the workforce – screams of opportunity and it will be the proactive individuals willing to do things that bit differently who will come forward, plug the gap and reap the reward.