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A device that puts the work back in the workplace


Upon entering the Bnotions office in Toronto, visitors will notice something a little different. It’s not the life-sized plastic horse or even the beer-pong tables, but a sleek little circular device placed on top of most desks, glowing either green or red.

The mobile and Internet design and development firm is among the first dozen companies to take the MyFocus device for a test drive. The new device and its accompanying software blocks all digital distractions from mobile phones and computers at the push of a button, and glows red to tell those nearby that the user is trying to concentrate on the task at hand.

It’s an effort to reduce what has become a growing problem in today’s workplace. Between the increasingly popular open-office layout that reduces privacy, and the myriad distractions that come loaded onto smartphones and computers, employers are finding it more difficult to keep their staff focused, and employees are having a hard time concentrating on a single task for prolonged periods.