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All Aboard: Onboarding in the Employee Lifecycle


This article has been submitted by Kallidus

The employee lifecycle is an ongoing process; after attracting candidates to apply and then interviewing and selecting, the onboarding process can be stressful for the new recruit and the existing team that they are to be integrated with, if not arranged correctly. New employees can provide a fresh perspective on the company, so use this insight to improve the customer journey.


When you have completed the selection process and are confident that you have found the right person for your role, contracts and start dates need to be finalised for completion and signature by the successful candidate.

Contracts can either be sent by post or by email – postal contracts will occur more of a delay. If recruitment software is used by your organisation, contracts can be automatically formatted by mail merge to ensure the correct information has been used; manual keying in of information can incur human error, including typos on salary offers, so should be used with caution as this may delay the process further if errors are found.

The contract should also include a job description for clarity with a clear list of roles and responsibilities that the new recruit is expected to undertake, so that this is confirmed in writing prior to their start date. This can also be pulled in with the use of a recruitment software, such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).