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Adapting to the Millennial Landscape in a bid to Attract Emerging Talent


Recruiters must do more to connect with Emerging Talent if they are to fill the skills gaps being opened as the older generation leave the workplace, according to Charles Hipps, CEO at WCN. Although Millennials have been identified as the dominant workforce for 2016, a global skilled labour storage is still being envisaged by 2020.

What is Emerging Talent?

Emerging Talent can be identified as people hired through university, college, school, MBA recruitment and internship programmes. As baby boomers start to leave the workforce a generational shift is occurring, causing Millennials to become the dominant worker. 10,000 baby boomers leave work every day in the US, affecting the way companies conduct future business. Baby boomers, who are a predominantly loyal workforce, holding the majority of formal and tacit organisational knowledge, are being replaced by a technologically savvy, highly creative and mobile generation, who are used to thinking with their feet.



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