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AI, Robotics & Automation vs Jobs: Select Jobs Analysis


Although AI, Robotics and Automation have been around for a while in certain sectors, it seems as if only recently it’s true potential has been shown in the media. Whether it’s a new robot development to aid a manufacturing process, or an AI bot to speed up customer service enquiries, questions have been raised: ‘what will happen to the jobs that they’re taking?’

In short, and although it’s hard to estimate a scale, not a lot.

Cameron Briggs, Managing Director of UK Job Board, Select Jobs stated:

“Research has shown that all we’re seeing is a future shift in demand for certain types of candidates. For each company that replaces a customer service team with an army of AI Bots, another company will be hiring developers and engineers to both create, support and maintain these automated systems. For every manufacturing firm that replaces a team of staff with state of the art assembly robots, another company will be sending out employees to create, support, maintain and install said bots.”

Changes and innovations within any sector will cause changes and shifts in the markets in their supply chain. Adaptation within these markets will mean the demand for certain types of candidates shifts.

The questions being posted throughout social media shouldn’t read ‘Why are robots taking our jobs and leaving us unemployed?’, but ‘For each job lost through new innovation within certain sectors, how many other jobs are being created?’

By looking further into searching for an answer, not only will there be a greater confidence in the current employment trends, but we may avoid a situation in which technology has advanced at a rate which is quicker than we can supply/train skills to maintain it.

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