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An Employer Brand – and so much more


An Employment Brand does more than tell your story. It engages with your employees, shapes a positive candidate experience, provides a platform for meaningful metrics – and drives retention as well as recruitment. Being a central thread of your DNA, it should even be a key dynamic of your organisation’s performance and development. At the most ‘basic’ level, there are 7 key attributes that your EB should deliver on a day-to-day basis:

1 – A clearly differentiated and authentic EVP.

You need to be true to yourself when creating your Employment Value Proposition. The biggest mistake you can make is trying to be something that you’re not (and never will be). Be honest – and reflect that honesty in all your recruitment marketing activity. It will attract the people who are ‘right’ for you, manage the disappointment of the people who are not quite ‘right’ – and ultimately it’s the only way you will attract the employees who will perform, develop and remain with your company.