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An Employer Brand that Speaks to Customers and Candidates


‘A more human resource’ is a platform designed to attract both new clients and new talent, breaking with the ‘payroll’ perception of what has long been a sophisticated human capital company. This strategy is seeing the light of day just as several new employer-branding reports, by Futurestep, Universum, BLR and Brandemix, show where ‘the people brand’ is today – and where it’s headed. And the near-future looks very interesting indeed.

Most encouragingly, 59% of respondents to the Brandemix survey confirmed that they ‘had’ a clearly articulated EVP. Even more positively, 60% of CEO’s in the Universum survey said they “owned” their employer brand. And it’s now clear that organisations are using an employer brand to address a large number of challenges. The top goals in the Universum report were “Filling positions in the short and long terms”, followed by “Improving retention” and “Differentiating ourselves from the competition.” While 69% of BLR’s respondents said that filling job openings was the main objective, 41% said it was also to “raise the company’s profile among consumers.” BLR also discussed what it called “internal branding,” aimed at employees instead of job-seekers (a distinction most companies don’t make) – with goals aimed at raising employee engagement (66%) and increasing retention (58%).