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An Interview with Nick Vaughan, CEO Talent Ticker


Talent Ticker is a new innovative and disruptive technology within the recruitment industry. Nick Vaughan, CEO, has worked as a recruiter within Financial Services for many years and has set up Talent Ticker after noticing common theme within the industry – inefficient working practices. Using the latest technologies, including AI and predictive analytics, Talent Ticker aims to make recruitment faster, more efficient and more profitable. Here some more information on Talent Ticker:

  1. Tell us what your business does?

“Talent Ticker is an AI predictive technology that forecasts when a company will be hiring and firing. It outlines what jobs are coming up and who the hiring manager is for those jobs along with giving you their contact information. Conversely Talent Ticker will also tell you which companies are letting people go or when people will be leaving due to relocation or redundancies, and it will give you those candidate pools along with the company contact details. Giving you those leads and market insight so that you can pull more jobs, at a higher quality, and fish for new/better candidate pools. It allows you (as a recruitment consultant) and your teams to be a market experts, ensuring you are calling the right people, at the right time, every time.”

  1. How did you know there was a market for it?

“I’ve been in recruitment for many years for now within the Financial Services and Banking sector and it appeared to me that all recruiters are doing the same thing, inefficiently working their b***ocks off every day with no other alternative. The experienced recruiters just get quicker at it, the job has remained the same for years and years. On researching there wasn’t a tech or software product which could be the Bloomberg of the staffing industry, and I genuinely feel TT could become the next disrupter of the recruitment industry.

As a result of technological advancements and the gap in the market, I’ve gone 2 feet in on this opportunity and I believe it will add 10x value to a recruiter. We’ve recently signed up some big clients who are finding more jobs and getting access to more candidates.”

  1. How is Talent Ticker going to add value?

“Really crudely, Talent Ticker is going to make recruiters more money and save them time. This allows more focus to be spend on money making activities and less on the slow admin side of the job which we all know sales people detest. Talent Ticker will automate everything for them, for example, for a recruiter to see who’s hiring they would need to look at current adverts and find out who the hiring manger is by researching, they’d need to meet with clients to get the inside loop, speak with HR members, read news articles to understand if an office is moving or if a company is relocating. All that stuff is a lot of leg work for one person. Talent Ticker takes all that data from around the world, gathers and analyses it, channeling the information through one slick user interface for Recruiters to access. This eliminates a lot of leg work so recruiters can pull more jobs and make more money.”

  1. What do you think the impact of technology in recruitment will be?

“Technology is advancing every single day and has done so for multiple years, a key movement for any industry is how AI and machine learning can be interpreted and used to create more efficient work habits. Technology like Talent Ticker will enable the recruitment industry to improve and give better results, making them more money and providing recruiters with a better work/life balance. That is where I think RecTech (recruitment technology) is going. I don’t think it’s going to eliminate recruiters or what they do, it’s just going to take away some of the rubbish that you need to do in the day so you can concentrate on the high level stuff, such as managing processes, closing deals, negotiating offers and inspiring top candidates by headhunting them to join opportunities.”

  1. What can we expect from TT over the next few years?

“Within the next 3 yrs Talent Ticker will be able to automate many of the slow processes for recruitment consultants. As a vertical market specialist we will be able to connect up all live open opportunities in your market space so you can pull jobs on, even if you are on the PSL for big banks, we can give you the insight to those jobs meaning you can get ahead of the curve.

In the near future I foresee Talent Ticker doing the candidate searching for you, pre-qualifying long lists via an AI chatbot, and shortlist prequalified candidates for you against opportunities. All you need to do is press the send button on a pre-written email to send a shortlist out.

Our goal is for Talent Ticker to dominate the recruitment market, servicing all types of sectors and industries and people- from recruiters and HR to penetrating the candidate market with user generated content.”

  1. Who are TT’s main competitors?

“The beautiful thing about Talent Ticker is we are looking at the full lifecycle of recruitment for the recruiters, internal, external, agency and RPO’s and we are augmenting that process with market intelligence. No one in the world right now is purely focused on market intelligence within the recruitment industry or being the Bloomberg of recruiting. Where we want to be is to utilize all the worlds online resources to create and compose our specific data needs within the recruitment industry.

Where we’d like to be and where we are now is in a position where we’re the only people doing that. We don’t want to have competitors, and although there are many companies doing one small part of what we offer, very little offer a solution at every stage of a recruiters journey. If you look at when LinkedIn started, they went in with the ambition of not having competitors and have kept it like that. People like Peter Thiel, an early investor of FB and LinkedIn, would look at these organisations and would assess their potential to be disruptive and recreate an industry. That’s is what we are striving for.”