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An Interview with Social Recruitment Expert – James Mayes


We’ve bent the ear of James Mayes, an experienced recruiter and advocate of technology, and he has been kind enough to give us some insights in to recruitment and how technology shapes his industry.  You can follow James over on Twitter here!

How and why did you get started in recruitment?

I came out of university with strong communication skills, a fascination with all things tech and a student bar bill that would terrify a rugby squad.  I wrote to a few tech recruitment agencies looking for my first break and one offered me a job – the classic “accidental entry” to the agency world”

Do you miss the way recruitment used to be?  How has technology in the recruitment industry changed the game for recruiters over the years?

It’s always been about making the connections that others miss. That’s still true today, but with many more data points to work on. Good recruiters can work faster than ever before, and across wider areas – but the process of interviews and offers remains as slow as ever with many employers.