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April Fools – When Recruiters are Left Looking Foolish


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If you are a recruiter, you will have certainly experienced the rollercoaster ride of the profession, with some successes often paired with bad days. With it being April Fool’s Day, we thought we would take a deeper look into instances where recruiters are left foolish, uncovering ways to swerve such outcomes.

Putting all your eggs in one basket

While a recruiter will be eager to make a match, and bag their commission, this type of strategy can well and truly backfire, with last-minute rejections not being unheard of. In the event of a late job rejection, many recruiters can be left looking foolish in the face of a client, having to work around the clock to replace the candidate and find someone suitable.

Such issues can be swerved if recruiters refrain from putting all their eggs in one basket, lining up a final three as opposed to the one ‘perfect’ option.

Not checking references

Many recruitment agencies will only reward agents if their candidate passes the probation period, meaning that candidates need to be well-placed with all due diligence carried out, including references. If references are not checked and issues are uncovered later down the line, as a recruiter your reputation could be tarnished, looking foolish and perceived as someone that cuts corners.

Asking the wrong interview questions

When finding a CV of someone you believe to be a great match for a certain role, the mind can become focused on the wrong things, honing in on proving their compatibility rather that digging into past professional endeavours and transferable skills. By doing so you can make clouded judgments, potentially seeing your candidate resign or be dismissed early on in their position.

Automatically rejecting the overqualified

When initially screening CVs, it can be tempting to simply reject the overqualified, feeling that the job may not meet their satisfactions or salary expectations. The truth is, a CV is just the first step, with meeting the jobseeker in person being a must.

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