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APSCo Recognised as Leading Trade Association on The Apprentice


APSCo was recognised as the “leading trade body for the recruitment industry” during a showing of the BBC’s, The Apprentice.

Reflecting on the episode, Ann Swain, Chief Executive of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) comments:

“APSCo is an aspirational trade association and finalist James White was so keen to utilise our accreditation that he couldn’t wait for the application and reference checking process to take place before putting our logo on the website of his new recruitment company.”

“James obviously recognises the immense value that being part of a quality trade association brings – particularly one which selects members through such a rigorous procedure.”

“Although James mentioned during the episode that he couldn’t afford to join APSCo at that time, his business, Right Time Recruitment, applied to join in October and is now in the process of becoming APSCo accredited. We have so far received four very positive references of the ten required for a start-up to make the grade (more established business must provide 20), and we hope to receive the others soon.

“As Lord Sugar’s advisor, Mike Souter, pointed out during the episode, APSCo is the leading recruitment trade body, and while end-user clients and candidates recognise the APSCo logo as a trusted badge of quality, the wider benefits of APSCo membership can’t be achieved by using our badge without permission –as James knows!”


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