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Are psychometric tests still useful for recruitment?


Psychometric tests have been used in recruitment processes for years. Opinions on the validity of results have long been divided and continue to be that way. However, with the introduction of even more methods of ‘figuring’ a potential candidate out with the help of social media and general online presence, is the value of psychometric testing diminishing?

There have always been criticisms when it comes to the subject of psychometric testing. The reality is that none of these criticisms have really been conclusively dispelled or reinforced.  When it comes to recruitment, psychometric testing is often a dreaded step in the process for candidates and at times, a worryingly misleading indicator of suitability for a recruiter to go by.

As a recruiter or a prospective employer, would you really write a candidate off for a leadership affiliated role simply because their test results imply that they are better as a team member?



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