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Are you Telling your Story in the Right Places?


The ever-growing wave of economic recovery has been matched by a major new current in candidate attraction. At last, the in-house recruitment function is becoming the engine for recruitment marketing. ‘Telling the Story’ is now seen (quite rightly) as the responsibility of the recruitment team. Which opens up many new opportunities. And a couple of challenges: What is the Story? And where to tell it?

Crafting your employment narrative and identifying the key propositions to different candidate communities is all well and good. But if your voice is not being heard in the right places, then you’re simply not engaging with those audiences. Fortunately, the digital age brought with it the data that allows you to identify where your future employees hang out – and also the means to measure how effectively you’re engaging with them. And that data is fascinating in its own right.

The Dice Open Web portal is a great example of an insight provider that will help you engage rather than just broadcast to hard-to-reach candidates. It’s home to 1 million tech profiles in the UK, including over 200,000 CV’s, so it’s a great source of information on how IT and Technology job-seekers behave across the web.

Just look at some of the top-line figures:

> 84% of tech pros are receptive to employers contacting them through social sites

> 85% interact with peers on social sites.

> 74% search for new opportunities through social sites.

> 70% update their profiles regularly to appeal to employers.

The Dice Open Web stats even give trustworthy signposts to ‘exactly’ where you need to be engaging outside of LinkedIn:

> 47% of tech pros are reachable on Facebook.

> 26% can be connected through Twitter.

> 10% are active right now on Stack Overflow.

> 7% can be found at Github.

> 6% are potentially looking to meet you at Meetup.

And Dice Open Web also provides a clear steer on how you as a recruiter can actually improve your engagement:

> 42% of tech pros only want to be targeted with relevant jobs.

> 33% demand that you research their employment background thoroughly.

> 20% need to see you demonstrating a technical understanding of their job.

We’re working with clients in all sectors, helping them create and tell their story. Harness this kind of data to a compelling employment narrative and you’ll be heard in the right places.