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Attracting Quality Talent: Tips and Tools


Finding the right candidate to fit a certain position often involves a lengthy process of seeking the perfect candidate with the work experience, education and/or specific talent necessary to fill the position. However, there are now free and cost-effective tools available that do not involve employment websites or recruiters.

Social media has become every HR department’s strongest ally. LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking service, allows companies to search for potential candidates and can also be used as a database of potential candidates worldwide, which is particularly useful for multi-national corporations. An organization can contact “active candidates,” those who are actively seeking employment, or “passive candidates,” LinkedIn members not actively seeking employment but who have certain skill sets or experience the company is interested in. The interview set up process can be as easy and effective as emailing the candidate through the LinkedIn platform.

Open House meetings at universities are still a popular method of identifying recent graduates and young talent. They provide a venue where many potential candidates can be screened within two or three days. Keep in mind, though, that Open Houses are often geared toward finding entry level candidates.