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Where it all Began – The History of The Recruit Venture Group


When Chairman John Buckman first launched Recruit Ventures back in 2011, he believed that there were many recruiters who truly had the drive and ambition to launch their own business.

He created a unique business model based on his experiences which offered 100% funding and a complete back office support package with no financial set up fees, giving a recruiter everything they need to get their business of the ground and the freedom to grow.

Having himself launched Jark Recruitment (a joint venture), in 1996 and grown it to become a successful network of recruitment branches across the UK, John knew what he was doing when it came to launching recruitment businesses and felt he could impart his industry experience on those looking for a partner to help them achieve success.

In 2016, he took the decision to transfer over his branch-network of 22 recruitment business to become independently-owned recruitment companies. He empowered many of his existing branch managers to become business owners and this was to be the catalyst which unified Jark Holdings, the parent company of Jark Recruitment with Recruit Ventures Ltd to form The Recruit Venture Group in April 2017.

Over 50 recruiters so far have launched their own business with the support of The Recruit Venture Group, collaboratively achieving in excess of £131m by March 2017.

With plans to open between four and eight new recruitment businesses every year over the next 10 years, the company is on the right path to continue its journey to grow the largest joint venture recruitment operation within the UK.


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The Recruit Venture Group offers entrepreneurial recruiters a truly risk-free, fully funded way to help them launch their own recruitment business.

The Recruit Venture Group has over 40 Joint Venture Partner businesses and a combined joint venture turnover of £131million.

The Recruit Venture Group enables successful recruiters become business owners, focus all their time and resources on recruitment and grow their business fast. The group invests heavily in back office infrastructure to support their Joint Venture Partners allowing owners to expand without any restrictions which may prevent them reaching their full potential.

Their unique recruitment business model is simple and risk-free. There is no personal outlay, and it gives financial security from the outset to allow recruiters to retain their current lifestyle. It provides 100% funding, no limitations on location or number of branches, full back office support services including HR, IT, Accounts, Payroll, Credit Control and Marketing.

Established in 2017, following the acquisition of Recruit Ventures Ltd by Jark Holdings Ltd, the parent company of Jark Ventures PLC.

With a ten-year business plan in place to grow the largest joint venture recruitment operation in the UK, the group aims to help launch a further 56 NEW joint venture recruitment business and a generate a combined turnover of £250m by 2027.

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