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Benefits Britain? Not Anymore According to New Glassdoor Report


New Glassdoor pan-European Economic study reveals Britain is now one of the worst countries for unemployment benefits, maternity pay, sick pay and paternity entitlements

A new study from Glassdoor® Economic Research suggests that Britain has one of the most frugal benefits systems in Europe. In a ranking of 14 European countries, Britain comes in the bottom three taking into account factors such as unemployment benefit, maternity and paternity entitlements, annual leave and sick pay. Only Switzerland and Ireland come out worse.

The report, titled Which Countries in Europe Offer Fairest Paid Leave and Unemployment Benefits?”,conducted in cooperation with Llewellyn Consulting, suggests that when ranked in order, the countries offering the most generous workplace and welfare benefits overall are Denmark, France and Spain. When just looking at those countries offering the most unemployment benefits (pay and eligibility period), Denmark and Belgium offer the most and the UK and Ireland offer the least. The study presents an analysis of six key social indicators, including: unemployment benefits, maternity entitlements, annual leave, sick pay, paternity and parental entitlements. For benchmarking purposes, the study also presents how these European markets track against the United States, which almost universally offers benefits well below even the lowest of EU benefits.



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