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Which are the Best Paying Sectors?


In its latest study, analysed 57,000 UK salaries to compare remuneration patterns across various industries, specifically, those in which employees are the most likely to end up earning more than £100,000. The winner is finance – no surprises there – but how do other sectors fare?

Employees earning more than £100,000 – By industry

Rank Industry % of employees earning more than £100,000 Years of experience
1 Financial Services 60% 12
2 Law Practice 30% 11
3 Insurance 30% 14
4 Consulting 26% 13
5 Energy & Mining 26% 14
6 Pharmaceuticals 26% 14
7 Tech & Telecoms 25% 15
8 Apps, web & Ecommerce 23% 12
9 Agriculture 19% 12
10 Recruitment 19% 12
11 Consumer Goods 17% 15
12 Transportation 17% 15
13 Construction & Real Estate 14% 14
14 Manufacturing 13% 15
15 Media & Communication 13% 14
16 Healthcare 12% 15
17 Retail 8% 14
18 Sports, Culture, Recreation 8% 14
19 Services, Tourism, Restaurants 7% 14
20 Charity & Not for profit 5% 17
21 Public Sector 5% 17
  • A clear winner : Financial services is the only industry in which a large majority of employees earn more than £100,000 per year. At 60%, the ratio of high earners is more than 20 times the average of the UK population.
  • A 10+ years wait: Across all sectors, employees will have to wait at least 11 years before they can expect to receive a £100,000 package.
  • No money to be made: Only 5% of public sector and not for profit employees earn more than £100,000. For those top earners, however, it will have taken on average 17 years to hit the £100,000 mark.

Alice Leguay, Co-Founder & CMO said:

‘While the current picture puts financial services at top of the high paying list for experienced employees, trends are changing for those recently in the job market as technology giants work hard to close the pay gap with the financial sector. A battle for talent is playing out which will drastically impact earnings by sector over the coming 5 years, causing reshuffling at the top.’


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