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Boom in Flexible Working as Tech Scale-up Registers its 100,000th Worker


Redwigwam, the recruitment tech company that matches employers online with temporary workers, is seeing a boom in flexible working.

The business has just recruited its 100,000th worker to go with more than 2,500 employers using the online platform to find short-term, flexible workers for part-time or ad-hoc roles.

The demand for flexible working is continuing to grow and over the past four years the number of jobs offered part-time or with flexible hours has trebled as workers look for more options than the traditional nine-to-five.

The 100,000th worker to register with the company was Liam Scott, a 28-year-old delivery driver from Nottingham who tops up his day job with flexible work.

Redwigwam was founded by entrepreneur Lorna Davidson, who successfully built and sold a previous business – field marketing agency Tactical Solutions – for £29 million in 2011.

The idea for redwigwam was borne out of the frustration Lorna experienced while running Tactical Solutions when she found it difficult to find good temporary staff.

Redwigwam, established in 2016, uses algorithms to connect within minutes workers with employers’ short-term or ad-hoc opportunities.

Using redwigwam’s intuitive online platform, employers can post a job for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The roles are then matched to fully-vetted workers who have the correct skills and time to take them on.

Lorna said:

“There are millions of people in the UK who are looking for flexible work because it suits their lifestyle. This includes students, returning mums and dads, the recently retired, people on benefits and those who have been made redundant.

“The current recruitment model of search, post a CV and wait to hear back is now outdated.

“At redwigwam we see ourselves as the Tinder of recruitment. We tap into the huge potential workforce looking to get access to temporary jobs and our clever software sends them jobs on our system that suit them.

“Companies love it because they can quickly tap into talent and grow their business without having to take an overhead on. And our wigwammers love it because they are treated with the same rights as full-time staff and they can get paid within 24 hours.”

As well as championing flexible work, redwigwam is spearheading a post Brexit workforce.

Every worker’s Right to Work in the UK is checked using Facebanx live streaming software, the world’s first fully integrated facial recognition biometric technology.

All temporary staff are treated with the same rights as full-time staff with access to holiday pay, sick pay and make their NICs and pay taxes where appropriate.

Hirers are also encouraged to pay Living Wage and not just Minimum Wage.


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