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Brand New Business Launches Helping Brits Take Control of Their Online Reputation


In last night’s episode of Dragons’ Den leading businessman Peter Jones secured a deal of £100,000 for just a 2% stake in online reputation management company – valuing the company at £5 million, the highest valuation he has ever placed on a Dragons’ Den investment. The Dragon, who has invested more money than any other over the years, fought off three others to agree the deal. BrandYourself provides both software and service solutions to help individuals & businesses clean up, improve, & protect how they look online.

Commenting on why this was the company to break all previous records, Peter said, “The career landscape has changed and the way you look online now directly impacts your ability to get hired. Having a positive online presence is now as fundamental as updating your CV and combing your hair before an interview. Not only do I wholeheartedly believe this new technology is crucial to anyone seeking employment, but this business also struck a chord with me because of my commitment to helping young people reach their full potential regardless of their circumstances. Everyone should be able to protect and improve their reputation on the web.”

The truth is that you will get screened online at every stage of your career. Three quarters of hiring managers said they review candidates online and half have turned down a hire because of something negative they have found. At the same time more than half (56%) of employers won’t even interview you if you don’t have a strong online presence.’s pioneering software leverages AI technology to scan a user’s entire online presence and identify risk factors, including unwanted search results, risky social media posts and images, and exposed private information — and helps the user clean them up. It then guides the user through building an impressive personal brand online that impresses anyone looking them up. The company also provides services solutions for both individuals & businesses. BrandYourself has worked with more than 700,000 – the Dragons’ Den appearance marks its expansion into the UK. was created out of personal necessity. When employers Googled co-founder Pete Kistler, the first search results pointed at criminals with the same name costing him numerous opportunities before he had a chance to correct them. The company appeared on US show Shark Tank, ultimately turning down one of the largest offers in show history.

Patrick Ambron, co-founder and CEO of BrandYourself said,

“In today’s age of cyber-bullying, revenge porn, hate sites and inadequate online privacy laws, something negative online can happen to anyone and shouldn’t define you or prevent you from moving forward with your life. Equally, we believe you shouldn’t lose opportunities just because other people are better at promoting themselves on the web. Our mission is to help people take back their online reputation giving them the tools to clean up, protect and improve how they appear.”

Cardiff born COO of BrandYourself, Nathan Evans, who appeared alongside Patrick in the Den said,

“Appealing to the Dragons was about more than just the financial investment, they would be a strategic partner for us in the UK.  We were delighted to receive offers from four Dragons but Peter ultimately was the right strategic investor and we are thrilled we can benefit from his extensive knowledge and expertise. With Peter on board, we plan to invest the money in marketing and expanding our pioneering technology.”

How does BrandYourself work?

  • Go to to receive your free Reputation Score – the only score that provides a holistic view of how impressive you look on the web.
  • New technology, the first of its kind in the UK, scans the entire web and identifies risk factors that could hurt your score and then walks users through the process of suppressing unwanted negative google results, deleting damaging social media posts, even identifying inappropriate images, and even removing exposed private information.
  • The software also helps you build a personal brand that improves your score. You get a customised action plan tailored to your industry that shows you which personal websites or social media profiles you should have, how to optimise them so they show up high in search engines and how to build engagement that enhances your brand.
  • Users watch their score improve over time and receive real time alerts if anything damaging or important shows up.
  • While the initial report is free, users can opt to sign up for a £70 yearly subscription to monitor and improve their score over time. If they want more hands-on help, they can upgrade to concierge services and work with a team of highly trained reputation specialists – the best SEO, content marketing, branding and online reputation professionals in the industry.


During Nathan’s early career, he gained considerable experience from across many industries including Sales, Teaching and Retail, however more recently Nathan has delved into the world Digital Marketing and Publishing. Drawing on his past experiences, Nathan brings all aspects of his knowledge into Recruitment Buzz, possessing great research and social media skills.

Born and bred in Wales, Nathan is as Welsh as they come – living in the heart of the Valleys, Nathan proudly takes place as our resident Welsh speaker. However, Nathan’s knowledge of global understanding exceeds the Welsh borders, having lived in London, parts of the US and Ecuador.

Nathan is a self-proclaimed geek, having gained a degree in Natural Science via the Open University in Wales. In addition to his passion for science, he has a love for technology, nature, art and of course football!


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