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Brexit Brings Flat Growth in IT Spending for 2016


U.S. IT research and advisory company Gartner has warned that IT spending in UK is set to suffer as a result of Brexit uncertainty, and the resulting loss of business confidence, and the falling value of the pound.

Spend Slump

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit appears to have been contagious and a recent warning from a U.S. perspective shows that worldwide growth in IT spending in 2016 is likely to flatten out to $3.41 trillion as a result. This may sound like a pretty large number in itself but the knock-on effect of the UK’s momentous decision is a growth rate that is now only slightly inflated from an outlook of negative 0.5%.

In terms of the UK, last year’s IT spend was £123.9bn but the Brexit aftershock means that this figure could be reduced by as much as 5% in 2016’s IT spending.



Francis West, Westtek Solutions

Francis has 26 years of IT experience and 17 years helping recruitment companies choosing, using and supporting the right IT systems. A previous winner of the South African Business Innovation award, Francis networks with black belt efficiency.

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