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Brightwork Talks Brand Protection for Scotland’s Food and Drink Sector


Operations and HR directors from some of Scotland’s leading food and drink producers will gather this week to examine ways of avoiding the pitfalls from failing to look after their workers.

The event on October 23 in Glasgow will focus on Working Time and Modern Slavery legislation, and how these regulations apply on the production line. With increased understanding of the requirements, participants will be better able to protect their business brand and reputation from the fall-out of negative publicity.

The event is being hosted at the Dakota Hotel by industrial recruitment agency Brightwork. Based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Brightwork is part of the UK-wide Staffline Group and is a leading supplier of temporary workers to Scotland’s drinks industry.

“In today’s communications environment, one bad news story about the mistreatment of staff can quickly go viral, causing major damage for an employer,” said Shan Saba, a director at Brightwork. “We work in partnership with our clients to ensure they understand what is required of them, and how they can best meet their commitments.

“With all that is going on with the economy, margins in the food and drink industry are getting squeezed tighter than ever, so there can be a temptation to cut corners wherever possible. But this is a false economy if one mis-step tears down years or decades of investment in your brand.”

The lunch event will cover the guidance provided by the Association of Labour Providers and HMRC, plus tips on how to effectively audit working time. It will finish off with a segment on modern slavery, including how to identify the signs of human trafficking and how to minimise the risks within a supply chain.

The discussion will be led by Jane Blaydon, director of compliance and ethical standards at Staffline, and Staffline investigative officer Paul McAnulty.

Jane has led several investigations into National Minimum Wage breaches, and has assisted in the rescue of more than 100 victims of modern slavery. She also oversees the standards for working time audits at Staffline, which provides this service to more than 350 clients across the UK.

Paul is a former member of the Derbyshire Police Force who now leads investigations to identify those businesses at risk of being infiltrated by the criminal gangs that are often behind modern slavery cases in the UK.


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