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Brightwork’s Adoption of Qualtrics Metrics is Set to Improve Monitoring of Candidates’ New Job Experiences


Brightwork, the Glasgow, Edinburgh and Elgin-based recruitment agency, is making use of a new software platform to improve the working lives of hundreds of workers starting new jobs.

Qualtrics software is used by over 9,000 brands worldwide and 99% of the world’s top business schools to make and measure the impact of a range of critical business issues.

Derek May, Brightwork’s managing director, said:

“Roll-out of this software platform will allow us to monitor our candidates beyond their first day on the job.

“The system asks the candidate about their experience so far and can be set over a certain number of days. It allows each of them to give feedback about how their training is going without any pressure.

“The training needed to fulfil their role properly should happen as a matter of course, rather than the candidate having to chase up – for example – their health and safety induction, or other vital elements of their training.”

Brightwork is part of Staffline, one of the leading employment support and training service businesses in the UK which has been trialling the Qualtrics software in its English operations with significant success.

Derek said:

“This platform will provide us with lots of opportunities to compare sites and advise clients on best practice for onboarding new starts, be they temporary workers or full-time staff.

“Brightwork believes in finding the best match of candidate and client, developing a happy and productive working environment, and ensuring the best experience for everyone involved. This software gives us the tools to fine-tune the candidate’s first weeks in their new role.”

Qualtrics software permits real-time feedback from multiple candidates across Brightwork’s areas of expertise, including hospitality, the care sector and logistics and distribution.

The analysed data will allow Brightwork to compare site and client performance, as well as detecting potential problems including negative trends, staff turnover statistics and seasonal performance issues.


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