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Britain dubbed 'scrooge of Europe' over parental pay


The UK ranks last in Europe when it comes to giving new parents ‘well-paid’ parental leave, a report by the TUC has found.

The TUC has dubbed Britain the “scrooge of Europe” as Britain offers new mothers get just six weeks of statutory maternity pay at 90% of their wage, while in Europe the figure was 43 weeks.

The TUC said under the EU definition, ‘well paid’ means someone getting at least two-thirds of their pre-maternity leave earnings, or a rate of pay greater than £840.

The study, published to coincide with the Children and Families Bill entering the staging process in the House of Lords, found Mothers in Britain are also entitled to an additional 33 weeks pay but only at £136 a week, a rate that the TUC claims has fallen in real terms under the current Government.

Only one in four women receive extra occupational maternity pay from their employers in the UK, said the report.