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Britain’s Most Bizarre Jobs


Job hunting just got interesting

Thought a professional working career meant taking a desk job? Think again. There are plenty of wonderfully weird jobs out there that are certain to offer a decent wage, complete career satisfaction and even raise a few eyebrows here and there too. Job hunting just got interesting.

CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, conducted research amongst 700 of the country’s recruiting experts to expose Britain’s most bizarre jobs. They shared their most interesting (and sometimes a little odd) job roles that they have recruited for in the last year; these are the ones that made it to the top 10:

  • Cricket Mascot – Warrington: £7.00/hour

Seeking an outgoing and self-motivated individual to become Lizzie the Lizard, the mascot for a local cricket team. You must be physically fit as you will be required to wear a substantial lizard suit and stand for lengthy periods of time. Fly catching skills not necessary.

  • Strolling Elf – Watford: £6.50/hour

Fancy living in winter wonderland? Seeking a joyous individual to roam grottos far and near, you’ll invite children to see Santa Claus and be spreading Christmas cheer.

  • Empty office-sitter – London: £8.00/hour

Want to work in an office where you have all the freedom? Looking for a responsible and dedicated person to look after empty office building. Tea and coffee will be provided.

  • Trainee Banana Ripener – Kent: £20000/annum

Looking for an individual with an interest in fruit. You will be working in the ripening rooms to ensure the bananas are of the appropriate quality to meet customer expectations.

  • Trumpeter – Preston: £10/hour

Skilled and passionate brass musician wanted. Must have their own instrument, be able to sight read and solo on demand.

  • Erection Specialist – Welwyn Garden City: £14000/annum

Looking for an experienced fence erector to join our friendly team. You will be responsible for erecting fences including wood and metal palisade installations.

  • Roadkill Cleaner – Farnham: £7.00/animal

Street cleansing operative required. Must have a positive attitude to a physically demanding role. Must be flexible to work in all weather conditions.

  • Sandwich Artist – Bristol: £6.50 – £7.00/hour

Looking for an enthusiastic individual to master the art of sandwich making and thrive in a fast-paced environment. You will be required to create unique sandwiches to customer specification. No experience necessary.

  • Disney Site Manager – Anaheim, CA: £75000/annum

Looking for an experienced individual to run Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park. You must be passionate and dedicated to work in an innovative environment with the aim to create magical experiences and personal stories for all.

  • Bull Head Catcher – York: £230/week

Require an individual to support slaughtermen. Must be physically fit to assist with moving heavy loads and have a strong stomach. Experience preferable.

So there you have it! Just remember that if you’re getting tired of your office job, there’s certainly plenty of beautifully bizarre roles out there if you fancy a more eccentric career.