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Build a Candidate Experience to be Proud of


There are few industries or market verticals, currently, where the candidate is not king (or queen). And candidates are discerning individuals, often looking to make a hugely important career change that will affect them (and maybe their family too), so they want to ensure they’re making the best move. And in a candidate-driven market the opportunities that present themselves to job hunters are broader than at any time for over a decade. The competition for talent is fierceand the job-hunting population can be fickle. The slightest hiccough can ruin how one views a potential employer, quickly driving people and their talent into the arms of your competitors.

You don’t have to treat every candidate like royalty, but you must recognise that the contemporary job hunter is not only looking for a step up the career ladder or a life-changing career move, they want an experience that will turn them on to your organisation. In-house recruiters have the benefit of representing one organisation, the direct employer. Agency recruiters have the duty of representing firstly themselves, and secondly, their end client – double the effort, but the rewards speak for themselves.