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Why Call Recording is a Complete No-Brainer for Recruiters


Call recording isn’t a new concept and the key benefits associated with it are obvious; recordings can be used to aid dispute resolution, for quality control, as proof of things like verbal approvals and so on. In addition however, recording calls can allow recruitment businesses to easily and effectively improve their performance in a number of ways. Here’s how:


By building up a library of perfect calls, examples of great negotiations, general best practice and even examples of things not to do you can create a really valuable, time-saving resource to use when training consultants. Huge amounts of insight can be gained in short amounts of time thanks to practical examples being easier to learn from, and you can cover more during each session given multiple key points are likely to be touched upon in a single conversation. Many people also benefit from revisiting things multiple times when learning, which can be done with ease if recordings are available. Using them also ensures consistency no matter who carries out a training session. Recordings can be used when training new consultants or during further training for existing consultants, for example when training management level staff on dispute handling or similar. 

Allows consultants to ‘be in the room’

A lot of important information is discussed during calls in the world of recruitment. If speaking to candidates they’ll be telling you about their needs and requirements, clients will be talking about job specifications and key candidate criteria, and when trying to make placements all sorts of contractual details and terms will be discussed. To enable your consultants to really focus on the conversation and getting the right information as opposed to taking written or mental notes, take the stress out of the situation by giving them call recording capability. Not only is this going to help them, it’s better for you as fewer mistakes will be made and a higher standard of service will be provided to your clients. 

Reviewing performance

If managed carefully, call recordings can be used as part of your appraisal process to review consultant performance and identify areas for improvement/further training. The reason I say ‘if managed carefully’ is because you want your workforce to see their calls being recorded as a positive thing rather than feeling like it’s so that they can be scrutinized; it’s important to promote the benefits to them, focusing on how they’ll impact them specifically so that they’re on-board. You can go through the calls together as part of the session, allowing them to effectively review their own performance which is far better for motivation. If you’ve got a library of ‘perfect’ recordings prepared as discussed above, these can be used for comparison purposes when reviewing a consultant’s own recordings which is a much subtler yet still effective approach to pointing out changes a consultant needs to make. And of course, when a consultant nails a perfect call reward them by adding it to the examples list! 

When you add these benefits to the already long list of the general benefits of call recording, it’s a complete no brainer. Some telephony solutions will include call recording free of charge as standard, so it’s worth considering this when choosing a telephony solution or even if you’d just like to implement call recording as it may be more cost effective to upgrade your entire solution in one go. That is something I could help you with so if you’d like to have an exploratory discussion, please contact me on 03300 249 012 or by emailing [email protected].


Joe is a driven and successful degree-qualified telecoms and unified communications specialist, with a proven track record and long list of happy customers across various sectors including recruitment. Having started working life with a spell in recruitment, he then worked for CCT/Capita IT Services before moving to Unify Communications shortly after the business was conceived. Joe has been instrumental in the growth of the company and the satisfaction of the clients to date. Joe is passionate about Unify’s offerings and strongly believes in their proven ability to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the performance of businesses which comes across clearly when speaking to him. Unify’s client base includes impressive names such as The Ticket Factory, eBay, Capita, First Utility and more however Joe’s particular interest at present is in the recruitment industry following significant recent success with existing recruitment clients. Outside of work, Joe enjoys a healthy social life with his wife and their friends and family and likes to keep fit.

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