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How Can the Employer Brand Help New Employees?


So, we all (hopefully) all know about the benefits of Employer Branding from the company point of view: lowering of costs-per hire; lower advertising costs, reputation enhancement, better talent pool; lower employee turnover, improved time to hire, retention and engagement, lower turnover, etc., etc., etc.

But what are the benefits (directly) to new Employees!?

Let me suggest this. After hiring, the Employer Brand can be used to provide a road map and code of behavior for new Employees. It could inform, educate and enhance “buy-in” and absorption.  It can filter the company culture for the new ones and provide an explicit set of norms and behavior and mode of operating.

I suggested in an earlier piece for the site that firms use a new venue to explain, highlight and promote their Employer Brand–namely their (first day) new hire orientation sessions (whether delivered virtually or in person). Think about how powerful and effective it would be on a new hire’s first morning to be exposed to an orientation session involving the Employer Brand.

The Employer Brand and the EVP could be covered by a joint presentation between HR/Recruiting and Corporate Marketing Professionals. Both of these areas have jurisdiction over the development and continued enhancement of the Employer Brand.

So, don’t miss an opportunity to educate new employees rapidly to your Employer Brand from day one.