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How You Can Use PPC to Source Candidates


For many, attracting suitable and high calibre candidates is one of the most challenging aspects of recruitment.

And here’s where PPC recruitment advertising comes in. An underused but potentially very valuable recruitment advertising tool, PPC advertising could help you to attract your next top talent…

Have you thought of using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising?

Splashed across the top and bottom of results pages on search engines like Google, PPC ads are eye-catching and immediate. So, what if some of those ads were promoting your job vacancies?

  1. Take advantage of relevant events

You can use PPC recruitment advertising seasonally, or just for a one-off campaign. As an example, you could be recruiting software developers – arguably one of the most competitive fields for talent.

Let’s say there’s also a major industry conference soon to be taking place; we’ll call it ‘The UX Design & Development Event’. Ahead of the event, there’s likely to be a steep rise in the number of searches for these keywords – many of them undertaken by the very developers you want to source for your organisation.



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