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Candidate Engagement — Is That What you Really Want?


Albert Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” Recruiting operates under a similar rule: nothing happens until someone does something — looks at a job description or applies for a job.

While candidate engagement sounds good, unless it leads to some desired action, it is not valuable. The real goal is to get the behavior you want — a person to apply, a qualified person to ask for more information, or for someone to answer qualifying questions.

The science of behavior is a growing field of study, and when applied to recruiting has the potential to create change. Retail shops and websites routinely use its lessons to drive behavior.

Amazon is a pioneer in using behavior science to increase sales. Its Prime program, which costs $99 per year, started as a way for consumers to get free shipping. It has now morphed into a platform that has consistently increased sales and grown the user base of Amazon. Some of its features are examples of how to get the behaviors you want. Customers are presented with offers customized to past purchasing behavior, and once enrolled in Prime, members are automatically re-enrolled each year unless they opt out.