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Candidate.ID Investment Tops £1m in 2019


Candidate.ID, Glasgow-based ‘global recruitment technology start-up of the year 2019’, has announced that it has received significant investment following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The six-figure investment will be used to accelerate Candidate.ID’s AI capabilities and to enhance the product development.

Investors into the crowdfunding campaign included HR and recruitment experts from all over the world including Tim Sackett, Adam Godson and former RBS Global HR Director Neil Roden.

Adam Gordon, CEO and Co-Founder at Candidate.ID, said:

“This crowdfunding campaign was unique as we initially offered it only to industry peers, as an advocacy-building campaign as much as to raise funds. We raised £500,000 in four weeks from 550 investors and closed the campaign early. Over half of our investors are directly involved in HR and recruitment and include some truly world-famous practitioners within the discipline. We’re really excited about what this investment means for us. Above all, it represents confidence in our growth potential, product and business plan.”

This investment follows an earlier investment, in January 2019, by Jacobo Invest UG.

Candidate.ID customers include Capita, Nationwide, Specsavers and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Candidate.ID was crowned winner of the renowned 2019 Recruiting Technology Startup Awards in San Francisco in March. It was also the winner of the global recruitment start-up competition at UNLEASH World Conference, the world’s biggest HR event, in October 2018.


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