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Candidates Use 5+ Social Networks, Why Don’t Recruiters?


This is a great post from Andy Headworth, Sirona Consulting. What I like about it is that although Andy does tell you stuff you should already know, the post covers every angle from what social channels can do to make your recruitment strategy more effective, to actually giving you a list of what it is and what it isn’t. I’d add that if you are considering using social channels to engage and connect with candidates, be authentic and human – by this i mean definitely don’t try to be someone you are not. Honesty is the very best policy!

Candidates Use 5+ Social Networks, Why Don’t Recruiters?

One great surprise for me is the number of companies who still are not yet fully using social media within their recruiting activities. It is such a powerful addition to different aspects of recruiting and yet it is so under-used. How you choose to use it for your specific need is a bigger conversation, but surely it has become a no-brainer to be using it for recruiting purposes, hasn’t it?

Social Talent recently carried out research amongst recruiters and they found social media to be very effective to good recruiters: