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Can’t Decide Between Two Great Sales Candidates? This Article is for you


Here you are, stuck with a dilemma. You’ve got two top candidates for an open sales position. Either one has the potential to make a great addition to the team. So which do you choose?

It’s a great problem to have – but that doesn’t make it less stressful. If you’re having trouble deciding between two great candidates, do this:

  1. Ask for help. Start by calling a meeting with everyone who was involved in the process of choosing a candidate. There, talk freely – and confidentially – about what you liked and didn’t like about the candidates. Focus less on their skills and more on the “fit” you think they’ll make with the team. Also, don’t hesitate to talk to your recruiter for help. Your staffing partner can give you the “long view” on the industry as a whole that may help guide you toward one candidate or the other.
  2. Reward enthusiasm. Which candidate seems genuinely more interested in and passionate about the job, the industry, and your company? Regardless of experience, the candidate who seems to be merely “marking time” is likely to be less productive and less inspiring for the rest of the team. Since two top candidates nearly always have competitive skills and experience, it’s important to focus on which one will bring the type of energy and approach the team needs to reach its next level.



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