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Carey Group Removes Risk of Recruitment Bias with New Recruitment Platform


The Carey Group, an engineering, construction and resource recovery business, is transforming its recruitment processes by implementing a new recruitment platform to eliminate any risk of bias creeping into the hiring process.

Applied’s sophisticated behavioural algorithms, will also ensure that internal and external vacancies at the Group are being filled by the best talent.

The Carey Group employs 1,550 permanent employees across the UK and Ireland and is growing. As well as wanting to become more diverse, the organisation is passionate about placing equal importance on the behavioural attributes of potential employees as well as their functional skills.

As such, the company has chosen to stop relying on traditional CVs – which it felt were restrictive in conveying an individual’s capabilities – and is implementing Applied to process job applications instead.

Through the platform, candidates apply to job vacancies by answering carefully worded behavioural questions which are tailored to each specific role. These questions are designed to provide greater insight into an individual’s innate behavioural drivers and thought processes than CVs, which tend to focus on education and work experience alone.

Applications are then anonymised before being reviewed.  As well as removing a candidate’s personal details and workplace history, Applied automatically reshapes and randomises how the responses are viewed by the selection team.

Answers are assessed and scored on a question-by-question, not applicant-by-applicant, basis. This means that all candidates are judged on equal merit, with no risk of bias creeping into the process.

After a successful 15 month-long trial filling graduate roles at the Carey Group, Applied is being extended across the organisation.

Claire Beattie, head of recruitment, the Carey Group comments,

“Applied makes our selection processes completely objective, which brings with it multiple benefits.

“Moving away from CVs gives us better insight into a person’s behavioural drivers before we meet them. Interviews can then be structured so that candidates perform to the best and truest of their ability and both parties get the most out of the experience.”

“Applied is also helping differentiate Careys from the competition.  Having to give more thought to the application process than simply uploading a CV to a catch-all email address means that candidates develop a deeper understanding of our company culture and how they could contribute, before arriving for an interview.  Culture and values are important to people and when they realise that our organisation values reflect their own, they are more inclined to want to work with Careys, providing us with a more engaged and more relevant talent pool to choose from.”

Applied has also had a positive impact on internal vacancies within the Carey Group, providing reassurance that everyone’s applications are being viewed anonymously through a transparent process.

 Claire concludes:

“Going through a recruitment process can be extremely daunting, particularly for existing employees who may be concerned about how they are being perceived internally already. In knowing that they have a fair chance of selection, people are less hesitant to apply for internal roles than they would have been previously.  Not only does this help the career progression of our employees, but, again, ensures that vacancies are being filled by the best talent possible.”


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