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What Challenges May you have to Overcome in your 1st Year?


This article has been submitted by The Recruit Venture Group.

Starting your own recruitment business is a big step. A statement of the obvious really, but it’s worth saying because the task should not be underestimated.

Key to starting up is planning. That covers a plethora of subjects of course, but overall it’s all about planning. And planning properly means thinking through to the period beyond the initial launch. The reason it’s vital is quite simply this.

There are challenges that face a recruitment start up in the first year of trading.

To continue with apparent statements of the obvious, the first issue you’ll have to face is that – you’re new. Dig a bit deeper into that and you’ll see that the implications aren’t quite as obvious as they first appear. As a new business there are challenges in establishing relationships, with suppliers for example, because you have no credit record with them.

And it applies to customers too. It’s not always easy to convince potential clients to run with the new kid on the block. Being new and offering a fresh alternative is a great benefit, and pitched well it will work for you. But, be mindful of the nervousness businesses may have about you.

Closely linked to that challenge is the question of building your brand. As a new business you need to create your identity  – and develop it. The creation stage is something you’ll have dealt with at the outset, but now, in that crucial first year comes the business of spreading the word. It’s about networking, which means face to face , ‘get out there and talk to people’ working. And it’s about online presence. Many start ups struggle in the first year because they don’t use the network of contacts they have through staff, clients, suppliers and the media; and many fail to establish a high profile because they don’t work at their SEO enough. You have to find the time to do both.

A mention of ‘your staff’ brings the first year of business back into sharp focus. As the owner of a start up recruitment business you will be getting used to the idea of being an employer rather than an employee. Let’s assume that you did a good job of finding and recruiting your staff ! But now you have to lead them. New business owners often struggle to establish, and then instil in the team, the culture and vision of the business. Remember – it will be your business, and your vision. Communicating it clearly is essential.

Allied to that is the fact that as ‘the boss’, the heads of new start ups often experience feelings of loneliness in the first year of business. It is a new experience for most, and whilst having control is welcome, the sudden loss of a mentor, at the same time as becoming the place where the buck stops, can be a shock to the system.

Which leads to the system itself. Clients are at one end – candidates at the other. It’s proved difficult for some start ups to find enough candidates in year one. Inextricably  linked to the ‘newness’ of your business, it is possible to resolve it, but again, it takes time. Your time.

Your time is a resource in much demand during that first year. You have a lot of new plates to keep spinning, and one of the slipperiest of those is cash flow. Poorly managed funding and badly run systems can  kill a start up before its first birthday. Outgoings are high in the first twelve months and it takes time for the first income to arrive. It can be a squeeze.

The picture that emerges is at first glance slightly daunting. New start ups in recruitment it would seem face a first year of challenges including  being lonely and ‘mentor-less’ , tight cash flow, resistance from potential clients, low brand awareness and a paucity of candidates. Most of these problems seemingly stemming from the lack of time the leader has available – because there’s a new business to run.

We like to think the start ups we help have a rather more positive time. At The Recruit Venture  Group we’ll help with your branding and website. We’re there for you as mentors.

Vitally, we provide 100% risk free funding. You get  shares in, and dividends from, your own company. You’ll be able to pay yourself a salary from the start, giving you the freedom and time to concentrate on growing your business; doing all the things you need to do to overcome those first year challenges.

The first thing you need to do right now? Apply now at

We can make your first year the first of many years.


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