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Changing HR : AI At Work


Data driven recruitment has a significant, positive impact on talent management strategies and business performance. As technology becomes more sophisticated, AI is playing an increasingly essential role in decisions made around hiring and is used by brands such as Facebook as an integral part of the screening and assessment of candidates.

This article examines its ongoing effect on the jobs market and the ways in which HR can harness its advantages to better understand, improve and predict hiring needs and potential problems.

Changing employment sectors

AI is broadly defined as ‘machines which perform tasks which humans are capable of performing’. It has been traditionally been regarded as a threat to jobs, with the most drastic predictions suggesting that unemployment rates will reach 50% within 30 years, but perceptions and predictions are changing.

Rather than AI leading to a jobless future, the 2016 report from Stanford University’s One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence suggests that AI will be regarded as a ‘radically different mechanism for wealth creation’ replacing ‘tasks rather than jobs’ and leading to the creation of new types of jobs.